Community Christian Education Program Registration 2024 - 2025

The Community Christian Education Program (CCEP) at Meadowlark Christian School (MCS) is open to students of all backgrounds. The CCEP is an Alternative Program of the Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB) offered in partnership with the MCS Foundation (Foundation).

The MCS Foundation charges Program Fees to cover the cost of the Christian program. Students must register with MCS Foundation first, and then complete Edmonton Public School division’s documentation. Register new students to EPSB online here. If you need general information about registration with Edmonton Public Schools please go here: https://epsb.ca/schools/register/

The personal information collected on this form is for MCS Foundation purposes only. All information will be treated confidentially.

Please note: Registration of students in the Community Christian Education Program at Meadowlark Christian School is not considered complete until you receive written confirmation from MCS Foundation Ltd.

Fee Schedule

Registration Fees: $75 per child, max $150 per family

Upon completion of this form, you will be prompted to pay the registration fee + payment processing fees immediately via credit card.

Total Annual 10 Monthly Payments Lump Sum*
Kindergarten $685.00 $68.50 $665.00
Grades 1-9
1 student $1,745.00 $174.50 $1,695.00
2 students $2,680.00 $268.00 $2,600.00
3 students or more $3,200.00 $320.00 $3,150.00

All fees paid for by credit card will have processing fees added to them.

(inc. 3% discount*)

NOTE: Planned classes for the next school year 2024/25 are currently at or near capacity. Registration for this school is a TWO step process.

You must FIRST check with the school directly at 780 483 6476 if the MCS Foundation can accept your registration. Please do not fill in the MCS Foundation registration UNLESS you have confirmation from Meadowlark Christian School that your child is registered or can be registered according to Edmonton Public School Division. If you DO have confirmation from Meadowlark Christian School you MUST complete this registration form for MCS Foundation.

Registration Form

To register for the Community Christian Education Program, use the online registration form below. Start by choosing if your family is new to MCS or an existing family:


Please carefully read each section. You may need to scroll down inside each box to read to the bottom. You will need to click certain agreement boxes to continue with the registration. The registration form is not overly long, so there is no provision to save it and return to it. You will need to complete it at one sitting.

You will be prompted to provide complete information. Note that an information session with the principal of Meadowlark Christian School and the executive director of MCS Foundation is required of all new families. Students in junior high must also attend that meeting.

The school office will contact you to arrange a day and time.


The registration form is not overly long, so there is no provision to save it and return to it. You will need to complete it at one sitting. You will be prompted to provide complete information.

Community Christian Education Program (CCEP)

An alternative program of Edmonton Public Schools in partnership with MCS Foundation

The Community Christian Education Program is an alternative program for children Grades K – 9. Founded on the Christian worldview, love your God, and love your neighbour as yourself, this program seeks to teach students how to live their Christian faith in the context of their local and broader community.

The program is designed to nurture excellent character, leadership, academic and spiritual outcomes in students through the use of faith-based strategies, value-rich role modeling by staff, and parent partnership. Students are encouraged to actively demonstrate these outcomes through leadership opportunities in their school, community service options in their neighbourhood and extra curricular involvement.

Spiritual Foundation

The Community Christian Education Program simply defined, is an integration of faith and learning. At its foundation is the Christian Bible and the belief that God is central to our humanity. The CCEP is interdenominational and embraces students and staff from a variety of church backgrounds and heritages. It is unabashedly evangelical because sharing the strength of the Christian faith with others and contributing toward community enhancement is fundamental to the mission of the program. Appendix 1 outlines the mission statement of Meadowlark Christian School and the doctrinal statement of the CCEP.

As an alternative program within Edmonton Public Schools, the Community Christian Education Program partnering with parents and the EPS Board will seek to uphold all aspects of its Mission and stay true to its doctrinal beliefs by emphasizing the following:

  1. The Community Christian Education Program will demonstrate its spiritual foundation in every part of its operation.
  2. Prayer will have a major focus.
  3. Knowledge of God, the Bible, and its relevance will be integrated at appropriate opportunities.
  4. Practical outcomes of the Christian faith will be explored.

To be a caring community committed to developing excellence in:

  1. Learning – through academics
    1. Students will be encouraged to realize their full academic potential as an individual uniquely created by God.
    2. All students will be encouraged to develop creative and critical thinking through the proper use of Biblical criteria for evaluation.
  2. Living – in Christ
    1. Students will experience the invitation to accept Christ as Saviour and to live for Him.
    2. Students will be encouraged to make informed Christian choices based on Biblical criteria.
    3. Students will learn a Christian view of life, work, personal relationships, family and marriage.
    4. Staff will demonstrate Christian values in the classroom by living with integrity.
  3. Leading – by serving others
    1. Students will be challenged to become leaders at school and in the community. They will be involved with various service projects to help them gain an understanding of what it means to be a contributing member of society realizing the dependence we have on one another.
    2. Students will be challenged to good citizenship through developing the understanding and appreciation of our Christian and Canadian heritage of responsible freedom, human dignity and acceptance of authority.
    3. Students are encouraged to take part in public speaking opportunities in wake-up calls and assemblies to share their perspectives.
    4. Staff will demonstrate effective Christian leadership.
  4. Loving – with strength of character
    1. Strong emphasis will be placed on the students receiving character education: honesty, kindness, loyalty, perseverance, integrity, tolerance, respect, equality, stewardship, and community awareness
    2. Individuality is not only respected but celebrated.
    3. Students are taught to be responsible for themselves, others, and property, and to treat everyone with love and respect.
    4. The goal is to highlight the positive traits in each student and to build, develop, instruct, and guide in those areas while also helping him or her to develop strength in weaker areas.
    5. Staff and students work together to create an environment in which each person feels safe and encouraged. Staff will model care and concern for students. Conflict resolution will be demonstrated and taught using an effective Biblical model which encourages open communication, quick settlement, and discretion of the parties involved.


The Community Christian Education Program will provide excellent educational programming through an efficient and effective model that includes the Alberta Learning Curriculum with alternative programming expansion:

CCEP will operate within the context of its mission: committed to developing personal excellence.

  • Students will be required to achieve academically at their grade level unless testing reveals significant learning problems that preclude that. However, striving for personal excellence will always be the challenge, hence the mission statement and the “Four L’s” – Learning, Living, Leading, Loving.
  • Student needs will be identified and addressed appropriately so that each student has the opportunity to meet the challenge of personal excellence.
  • Parents are partners; therefore, CCEP has an extensive communication plan to keep parents informed of student progress in all areas, especially academics.
  • Through the admissions process, parents will be fully informed of the school’s spiritual and academic programs before they enrol their child. Parents and students are asked to make a commitment to support the mission of the school.
  • The principal will monitor academic achievement, the spiritual quality of the school, the ability of the students to relate the Bible to learning and how the mission of the school is being fulfilled and share these results with the MCS Advisory Council.

CCEP will offer a program that has a strong leadership and service focus: to be a caring community.

  • Students will be given opportunities to serve as leaders within the school community.
  • Extra curricular activities will be provided to enhance student commitment to their community.
  • Students will be encouraged to participate in a service option which enables them to volunteer in the neighbourhood community and provide a valuable service.

CCEP will include spiritual programming.

  • Staff and student devotions and discussions within regular classroom situations will include a spiritual focus.
  • Chapels, retreats, P.D. Days, staff meetings, assemblies, and school presentations will include a spiritual focus.
  • Bible study and memorization will be regularly incorporated.
  • Purposeful discussion of Christian morals and beliefs, as they are involved in the different subjects, will be encouraged.
  • Use of Divine creation, as an alternative to the theory of evolution in the study of origins, will be a standard. Evolution theory will be taught as required.
  • Resources and materials used in the education program will be chosen consistent with good and moral subject matter.
  • Various groups associated with the school, ranging from council members to administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students, will be involved in regular prayer times.

CCEP will make regular program revisions.

  • Teachers are encouraged to be collaborative in planning programs and to attend program development.
  • The principal will lead teachers in ongoing development of the program.
  • Teachers will have opportunities for professional development.


The Community Christian Education Program teaching staff and administration will be professional and knowledgeable faith-filled Christian educators. Each teacher must hold a valid Alberta Teaching Certificate and must make an affirmation of the philosophy of the school, agreeing to support the objectives of Christian education in the school. It is expected that all staff will clearly exhibit their enthusiasm, competence and commitment to personal excellence in education in CCEP.

Teachers will structure learning environments that challenge students to personal excellence, creative and critical thinking, and the proper use of Biblical criteria for evaluation in the integration of Christian faith and learning.

  • All teachers are expected to be Christian leaders and role models by emphasizing development of personal excellence in the “Four L’s” - Learning, Living, Leading, Loving and supporting the mission of the school.
  • All teachers will be purposeful about discussion of Christian morals and beliefs as they integrate these naturally into the learning of different subjects.
  • Teachers will demonstrate in their lesson plans the integration of faith and learning.
  • All teachers will visually display the “Four L’s” - Learning, Living, Leading, Loving, and reinforce them, naturally and appropriately, throughout the program.
  • Teachers will encourage students to articulate the mission of the school and strive to demonstrate it in their own lives.

Teachers will demonstrate competency within their subject areas.

  • All teachers will possess or develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to offer the Alberta Learning curriculum within a program that reflects the CCEP mission.
  • The principal will require teachers to exhibit a love of and commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Teachers will evaluate student progress with methods appropriate to the mission goals of CCEP within the framework of EPSB assessment guidelines.
  • Teachers will find ways in which to integrate faith and learning with the proper use of Biblical criteria, no matter what subject is taught.
  • Teachers will be able to demonstrate how their teaching matches the learning styles and abilities of their students.

Community Focus

The atmosphere of the Community Christian Education Program will be characterized by acceptance, appreciation, respect and dependence upon each other. Individuals will demonstrate God’s love for one another, seek God’s direction on a daily basis, and be encouraged to develop meaningful relationships within the context of Christian values and expectations. The desire to build a strong community of outward focused individuals with strong inward character will permeate the program.

CCEP teachers, staff and students will develop meaningful relationships with each other.

  • Teachers will plan devotions for every class on a daily basis and student participation and interaction will be valued.
  • Teachers will be able and willing to counsel students who are in need of assistance.
  • Teachers will give extra academic help to students as needed.
  • Teachers will develop healthy mentoring relationships appropriate to the age of their students.
  • Students will grow in friendships with each other and will be challenged to develop strong interpersonal communication and positive conflict resolution skills.

Student success will be acknowledged and celebrated.

  • Procedures and policies for rewarding student achievement will recognize a diversity of abilities and gifts.

CCEP will provide a safe environment for all students.

  • Discipline policies will require teachers to impose consequences for inappropriate behavior that are fair, consistent and immediate.
  • Each teacher will develop a classroom discipline procedure that is consistent with school and division policy.
  • All students will be required to speak and behave in a manner that supports Christian expectations.
  • Students will be taught to respect and care for each other.
  • Teachers/Administration will consult with students in order to improve the school’s atmosphere.
  • Teachers will periodically review student behavior expectations and discipline procedures with parents and students.

CCEP will partner in education with the home.

  • CCEP will partner with parents in every phase of the student’s development, especially as it relates to the school program.
  • The program will assist parents in keeping up with the changing culture, its effect on the home and implications of this change on their children.
  • CCEP will encourage families in Christian growth and help them develop faith-filled homes.

CCEP will partner with the neighbourhood community.

  • CCEP will partner with the neighbourhood community to meet various practical needs.
  • Students will be challenged to good citizenship in the community.
  • CCEP will give students growth opportunities through community interactions.

Meadowlark Christian School Mission Statement

To be a caring community committed to developing excellence in:

LEARNING through academics
LIVING in Christ
LEADING by serving others
LOVING with strength of character

Community Christian Education Program Doctrinal Statement

  1. We believe in the divine inspiration of the Old and New Testament Scriptures.
  2. We believe in the authority of the Word of God in all matters of faith and practice.
  3. We believe in the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit).
  4. We believe in the deity, and personality of God the Father.
  5. We believe in the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, God the Son.
  6. We believe in the incarnation of Christ, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His substitutionary death, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to heaven, and in His future return to this earth.
  7. We believe in the deity, personality and power of God the Holy Spirit.
  8. We believe that man was created by God in His own image.
  9. We believe in the alienation of man from God by sin.
  10. We believe in the atonement for sinners by the blood of Christ.
  11. We believe in the redemption and salvation of sinners by grace alone, through personal faith in the finished work of Christ.
  12. We believe in the importance of personal confession of sins to God.
  13. We believe in the full and free forgiveness of sins through faith in Christ.
  14. We believe in the necessity of a spiritual new birth.
  15. We believe that the Holy Spirit lives in the believer and enables him to walk in purity of life and submission to the will of God.

Partnership Agreement

Meadowlark Christian School

We will:

  • Integrate Christian faith into the learning environment of Meadowlark Christian School and operate within the context of the curriculum and school activities as described in the mission statement.
  • Build a strong, caring community of outward focused individuals with strong inward character.
  • Encourage each student to develop an active Christian faith and realize his/her full potential through leadership exploration, participation in practical service projects and investigation of his/her personal faith journey.
  • Model Christian principles and values through our daily interaction with students, parents and fellow staff members.
  • Maintain consistency in expectations of student behavior and in discipline of student misbehavior.
  • Inform parents about school activities and welcome their involvement in the life of the school.
  • Provide learning and service opportunities beyond the classroom that promote growth of students’ intellectual, spiritual, social and physical natures.
  • Pray daily with and for students.
  • Ensure staff is committed to collaborative learning and ongoing professional growth in Christian education.


We will:

  • Be committed to the mission, values and program of the school.
  • Support the school through prayer, encouragement, involvement and attendance at school functions.
  • Model a Christ-like attitude in communication and interaction with school personnel and other parents.
  • Ensure our children participate fully and respectfully in the school’s integrated Christian Community Education program, which includes devotions, bible study and service.
  • Support and reinforce with our children the school’s expectations as described in the Parent Handbook.
  • Set appropriate expectations for our children and ensure they establish positive home study routines.
  • Support and encourage communication between parents, teachers and students.
  • Review, sign and return progress reports, field trip consent forms and agendas.
  • Provide a home environment that supports the Meadowlark Christian Community Education program.
  • Ensure our children are at school on time.

Student (Junior High only)

I will strive to:

  • Be committed to the mission, values and program of the school.
  • Participate respectfully and fully in the school’s integrated Christian Community Education program, which includes devotions, bible study and service.
  • Respect my fellow students, school personnel, school property and myself by making choices that reflect a Christ-like attitude.
  • Pray for other students at the school.
  • Work hard, do the best I can to succeed and learn, and strive to develop the talents and gifts God has given me in preparation for life-long service to the Lord.
  • Take responsibility for my own learning by:
    • attending school regularly and on time
    • setting high goals and expectations for myself
    • being prepared to learn
    • completing all tasks, assignments and homework on time and to the best of my ability
  • Follow the school’s rules understanding that discipline, encouragement and correction are used to equip the people of God for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16)

I hereby certify that I have read the Community Christian Education Program document. I support the Mission Statement and acknowledge my child(ren) will be educated in accordance to both. I understand I will also be required to sign a Partnership Agreement with Meadowlark Christian School.



Religious Information

Registration & Program Fees

Registration Fee Payment Processing

You will be required to pay the registration fee via credit card upon completion of this form.

If fee assistance is required and not approved, the registration fee will be refunded. Otherwise, no refunds on the registration fee.

Method of Payment

Please select a method of payment for the school year

Lump Sum Payment of Annual Fees

Pay by:

All fees paid for by credit card will have processing fees added to them

MCS Foundation believes that all families should have access to Christian Education and that financial hardship should not be a reason that families cannot attend Meadowlark Christian School.

However, it must be understood that fee assistance is designed to provide temporary financial relief and is not intended to be a long-term solution. The Community Christian Education Program at MCS is almost entirely funded by program fees — this revenue is essential to the continuation of the program.

The amount of subsidy for any individual family will be at the Executive Director’s discretion; however, the Executive Director is accountable to the MCS Foundation board of directors for management of the budget. All information is confidential, and will be reviewed only by the Executive Director. The Financial Administrator will be advised of the approved fee assistance amount.

Guidelines for Fee Assistance

1. All outstanding program fees must be settled before an applicant can be considered for the next year’s fee assistance program.

2. Please seek assistance from your church or family before applying to MCS Foundation. As a non-profit entity, funds are limited.

3. Program fee assistance applies ONLY to fees for the Community Christian Education Program. Other fees such as bussing, field trips, course fees or other school-related fees do not qualify for assistance through MCS Foundation.

4. With the exception of the most extreme circumstances, all registered families are expected to make a contribution toward the fees and to be above reproach regarding their financial responsibilities connected to their child’s education at Meadowlark Christian School.

Contact Information

Your Employment

Spouse/Partner’s Employment

Please List All Other Sources of Income

If the amount is zero, please indicate that in each field

School Information

Are you able to receive any financial assistance from another source?

Do you see your financial situation improving within the next year?

Request for Fee Assistance Acknowledgement

Applications for fee assistance will be decided upon by June 17, 2024.

We strongly recommend PreAuthorized Withdrawal as there are no additional service fees.

Monthly Payments

Pay by:

Please select a method of payment for the school year
*September 1st payment may be delayed for up to two weeks.

From September to June

From September to June

Payment Date:

From September to June

Terms & Conditions of Pre-Authorization

I/We will notify MCS Foundation in writing of any changes in the account information or termination of this authorization at least ten (10) days prior to the next payment date.

I/We understand the termination of this authorization does not affect my/our obligation to pay for goods or services contracted with MCS Foundation.

My/Our financial institution will treat each debit as if I/we had personally issued a written direction authorizing MCS Foundation to debit the amount(s) specified to my/our account and need not verify that payments are drawn in accordance with this authorization.

I/We understand that any debits charged to my/our account will be re-imbursed if:

  • This debit was not drawn in accordance with this authorization;
  • This authorization has been terminated; or
  • The debit was posted to the wrong account due to invalid/incorrect account information supplied by MCS Foundation

by giving notice in writing to my/our branch of account within ninety (90) days of the debit to my/our account.

I/We acknowledge that delivery of this authorization to MCS Foundation constitutes delivery to my financial institution.

I/We warrant that all persons whose signatures are required to sign on this account have signed this authorization.

It is important for the Foundation to remain above reproach in financial matters; therefore, parents are reminded it is absolutely necessary for fee payments to remain up-to-date.

You will receive a email from the MCS Foundation confirming your child(ren)’s acceptance and method of payment.

Cheque Information

Fill out the following information below:

*If your cheque does not have a designation number, enter 0000

Payment Details for Registration Fees

Registration is not complete until the registration fee is paid.

To complete this form, you must pay the registration fee ($75.00 + payment processing fees) immediately by credit card. This registration fee is non-refundable, except in instances where those applying for Fee Assistance are unsuccessful.

Pay by:

Registration Fee

After you hit submit, you will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of the registration form.

Registration in the Community Christian Education Program at Meadowlark Christian School is not considered complete until you receive written confirmation from MCS Foundation Ltd.

NOTE: Only one registration submission per email address is allowed. Once you hit SUBMIT, you cannot register under the same email address. If you need to adjust your registration or need to register another student, please email us.

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