Principal Message – January 2023

Looking back to September, it is hard to believe that we are already here, near the end of January. The excitement of coming into a new school year that would see us building back our community feeling is still strong and almost seems tangible as you walk through the halls.

One of the pieces the staff have been working on this year, really since the beginning of last year, is building a common understanding of how the teachers, educational assistants and office staff support the implementation of the Community Christian Education Program. A couple new acronyms you may have heard, TfT and FLEx, refer to the processes and practices that we are learning about to help us ensure that our actions are reflective of the values that are held in the 4 Ls:

  • Learning through academics
  • Living in Christ
  • Leading by serving others
  • Loving with strength of character

Teaching for Transformation, TfT, is a design framework for the creation of authentic Formational Learning Experiences (FLEx) rooted in a transformational worldview. These learning experiences invite, nurture and empower teachers, students and parents to play their part in God’s Story through their everyday learning. We are in the very initial stages of the “learning by doing” phase of our journey in the Teaching for Transformation process and what you are observing or hearing about is our initial attempts to take a risk and try something new.

It is our goal, that as we learn more about the design element of TfT, it will shape the way we think about planning daily instruction as well as larger projects and community activities or initiative so that Learning, Living, Leading and Loving are an explicit part of what we do.

If you see something new happening and are curious about how that might connect to this framework, please reach out to me and we can sit and have a coffee or glass of cool water and talk about it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Scott Markine, Principal
Meadowlark Christian School