At Meadowlark Christian School, the Kindergarten program (also referred to as ECS) is rooted in our desire to provide each unique, beginning learner with a caring, trusting, comfortable environment. Children are encouraged to reach their potential in all areas – intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, creatively and spiritually.

Kindergarten children derive a sense of security from predictable schedules and routines. But classroom time is also flexible enough to allow for spontaneous learning experiences. Our schedule attempts to balance structured time with open-ended discovery time. Small classes keep new students from being overwhelmed and allow staff to get to know each one as an individual. No child is lost in the shuffle.


The Kindergarten curriculum and activities are built around specific monthly themes (e.g., Bears, I am Special, Autumn, Health and Nutrition, Safety, a monthly Scripture focus, etc.).

Field Trips

Through theme-related field trips, children see how their lives connect with other people, places and things.


Our language instruction is based on the Animated Literacy Program, created by Jim Stone. Sounds are introduced through alphabet characters and accompanied by stories, actions, songs, drawing, and printing. Children learn to combine sounds as they are learned.


Many parents wonder, “What should I be doing to prepare my child for Kindergarten?” Most children should know their first and last names, be able to print their first name, and recognize the eight basic colours. Participating in the following activities will also help your child be ready for Kindergarten.

  • talk, talk, talk!
  • read with your child on a daily basis
  • play games together
  • encourage word games (rhymes, opposites, etc.)
  • focus on fine motor skills
  • provide peer interaction