Division Three (Grades 7 – 9)

Division Three students are the experienced student-leaders at Meadowlark Christian School. They are beginning to look at the world with more adult eyes, and are open to new thoughts and an expanded academic life. At MCS, we strive to provide a stable setting in which maturing students are able to identify their potential and take steps towards achieving that potential.

In Division Three, the MCS environment includes:

  • available individualized programs for students with special needs
  • increased homework at each learning level, including the imposition of consequences for incomplete homework
  • Fall Youth Retreat in September
  • increased course and option selections, including computer integration and Spanish
  • full size gymnasium for high performance volleyball, basketball, and badminton teams. We also have competitive track & field
  • public performance opportunities in the annual musical production
  • equipping students to face increased responsibility in all facets of life
  • encouraging students to actively serve others, both within the school and in the wider community
  • providing work study and service opportunities for grade nine students including an annual mission trip to Mexico
  • weekly chapel time with teachers and high profile guest speakers
  • a setting in which educational goals are pursued in tandem with spiritual values

Committed Christian teachers act as models and mentors for students in their turbulent adolescent years. Our goal is to prepare Division Three students so they are ready to face the rigours of Senior High, and able to meet the larger challenge of living a life of integrity and purpose.