Division Two (Grades 4 – 6)

Division Two students have had several years of educational experience. They’ve learned the ropes. At Meadowlark Christian School we strive to help them increase their skills as they navigate in an environment where more is expected of them academically. As well, students are given more responsibility to parallel their increasing maturity, and experience greater accountability for their actions.

As in Division One, MCS staff get to know the children one-on-one, and are able to respond appropriately to individual needs.

In Division Two, the MCS environment includes:

  • available individualized programs for students with special needs
  • a solid music program that provides building blocks for future learning
  • public performance opportunities in the annual musical production
  • team teaching in every grade, allowing students to have a minimum of two teachers
  • a moderate increase in homework at each learning level, including the imposition of consequences for uncompleted homework
  • equipping students to face increased responsibility in all facets of life
  • encouraging students to actively serve others, both within the school and in the wider community
  • a setting in which educational goals are pursued in tandem with spiritual values

Communication between the classroom and the home is facilitated by:

  • newsletters
  • phone calls and personal conversations with parents
  • notification of parents if inappropriate behaviour persists or escalates
  • use of student agendas to encourage organization and planning
  • having parents sign or initial their child’s tests and quizzes
  • participation of students in Division fundraisers

Our goal is to prepare our Division Two students so they will be ready to overcome the hurdles of Junior High.