Principal’s Message January 2013

Dear Parents,

It’s a new year. The dawning of a New Year is such a strange yet miraculous occurrence. The evening of December 31st is, practically speaking, no different than any other evening yet it is profoundly different to all of us. We reflect on what has gone before in our lives. Sometimes this reflection is only momentary and fleeting. However, in other cases it is a very somber time of regret and sorrow. We think of what we should have done differently or better. We ruminate about missed opportunities and neglected relationships.

On December 31st, 2012 I too found myself embroiled in this type of reflection. However, the following day I happened to watch an episode of "The Green and Gold Gridiron Show". It is a locally produced show featuring the Edmonton Eskimos. Each week during the football season one show is produced. On the episode that I happened to be watching there was a clip of head coach Kavis Reed speaking to the team in the locker room before a game. He said something that resonated with me. He was talking to the players about doing your absolute best, giving all you have because you can’t un-ring a bell. His point was that once something is done, you can’t undo it so do your best in all situations. Of course he is correct. You can’t un-ring a bell. That is very important to remember for a few reasons. One reason is to fully grasp the notion that the old year is done. You can’t go back and undo it. The bell has been rung. The second is to look towards the New Year with a new sense of determination and passion. It is to embrace the fact that there will be many, many bells to ring in the coming year. There is a renewed opportunity to ring the bell in a true and good manner.

As the New Year begins I can assure the Meadowlark Christian School community that we always strive to ring the bell in a true and good manner with respect to educating the children in our school. We have had a challenging start to the year, but that bell has rung. We look to the New Year with a renewed sense of optimism and energy. Working with your children is an absolute blessing that we treasure.

"May Light always surround you;
Hope kindle and rebound you.
May your Hurts turn to Healing;
Your Heart embrace Feeling.
May Wounds become Wisdom;
Every Kindness a Prism.
May Laughter infect you;
Your Passion resurrect you.
May Goodness inspire
your Deepest Desires.
Through all that you Reach For,
May your arms Never Tire."
― D. Simone

I would like to wish all of the MCS families a Happy New Year. It will, without a doubt, be a great one!
Mr. D. Sweeney, Principal