Principal’s Message May 2013

Dear Parents,

I really think that May should be the official yard work month. Most homeowners start to look at their yards and plan what they should look like in the coming months. Tired lawns and flower beds are cleaned and tended to. New seeds are sown and trees are planted. Everything from the house to the sidewalks is washed down. Although all this planning and work is somewhat overwhelming at first, it is faithfully carried out to ensure a successful summer season.

Planning for a successful summer season is important, but even more important is the planning and work that we (the Meadowlark Christian School community) have to do this May to ensure that our school remains one of the finest in Edmonton. However, when planning your backyard projects for the summer the only opinions that really matter are those of your family. When we plan for another year we desperately need your ideas and suggestions. Without your input we tend to put blinders on and only put into place what we think is important. That cannot be the case. I truly want to hear what you and your family have to say about what is going well here at MCS and also suggestions for improvement.

With continued support, participation and input from our Meadowlark Christian School families we will without a doubt have a dynamic, innovative, compassionate, faith based school that meets the diverse needs of all of our families.

Mr. D. Sweeney