Principal’s Message May 2015

Dear Parents,

Our mission at Meadowlark Christian School is to be a caring community committed to developing excellence in: Learning through academics, Living in Christ, Leading by serving others and Loving with strength of character. We would be challenged to fulfill this mission and vision without the support from many people who provide opportunities or who willingly share their time and talents with the students, staff and community of Meadowlark Christian School.

On Sunday May 10 it’s Mother’s Day, an opportunity to lovingly acknowledge the people who got us to where we are now. The impact mothers have had in each of our lives is profound and constant, whether it is as young children who rely on mom to meet all of their daily needs, or as adults who, while at times are less dependent, still can attribute aspects and characteristics of themselves as a direct result of their mother’s love and guidance.

In this newsletter you will be able to read more about the life-changing grade 9 mission trip to Belize. During the 9 day duration of the trip, our grade 9 students, staff supervisors and parent volunteers were able to demonstrate leadership and love for others through serving the people in the area of Orange Walk, Belize. These young Christian leaders demonstrated how they live in Christ. By sharing their testimonies and faith, they had a positive impact on each other and the people they served in Belize.

On Thursday May 28, MCS will celebrate all of our amazing parent and community volunteers at our annual Volunteer Tea. From 8:45 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., all of our volunteers who served the school this year are invited to join us in the school library for refreshments and fellowship. The MCS students and staff want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank you for the leadership you have shown supporting the success of the most important members of our community – our students!

What do each of these three events have in common? They celebrate people whose contributions to both the school and to the broader world community define what our school’s mission is about.

Darren Oskoboiny