Principal’s Message – Sept 2023

Dear MCS Families,

On behalf of our entire staff, welcome to a new school year at Meadowlark Christian School!

We couldn’t wait for the children any longer, we just had to have some fun on the playground.

We are thrilled to be in the last few days of Summer vacation preparing for a new school year. School start up is such an exciting part of our school calendar for us and our students.

I am thankful for each child and family that will call MCS home this year. I am thankful for the dedication of our teaching team and support staff. I am thankful for our Foundation that supports and ensures Christian teaching and our parent council who work diligently to support our school and community.

The start of every school year seems to bring a new set of circumstances and things to consider. This year it is our growth. We are delighted to add an additional classroom in kindergarten, grade one, grade five and grade eight.

This year we welcome some new teaching staff: Doug Harvey in grade 8, Vanessa Johnson in Grade 5, Julianna Barbe (Barb) also in grade 5. We are pleased that Yukiko Cookewill be teaching grade 1 this year and Kayla Kimo-Artis is returning to us to teach Music.

We look forward to meeting families at our Meet the Teacher BBQ on September 12. Many thanks to our foundation for sponsoring this event and cooking for us. This event promises to be a time of connection and celebration.

As we think about classes starting on September 5, 2023, here are a few pieces of information to help navigate the first few days of the year


Bell Schedules
Elementary Bell Schedule
Monday – Wednesday & Friday Thursday
First Bell: 8:35am

Start of Instruction: 8:40am

Recess: 10:05 – 10:20 am

Lunch: 11:53 am – 12:38 pm

Recess: 1:56 – 2:11 pm

End of Instruction: 3:29 pm

First Bell: 8:35am

Start of Instruction: 8:40am

Recess: 10:05 – 10:20 am

Lunch: 11:43 am – 12:28 pm

End of Instruction: 2:08 pm

Junior High Bell Schedule

Monday – Wednesday & Friday  Thursday
First Bell: 8:35 am

Start of Instruction: 8:40 am

Lunch: 11:53 am – 12:43 pm

End of Instruction: 3:19 pm

First Bell: 8:35 am

Start of Instruction: 8:40 am

Lunch: 11:43 am – 12:28 pm

End of Instruction: 2:08 pm

Entry Doors and Protocols
Junior High students will enter the building when supervision for them begins, starting at 8:25am. They are asked to get themselves ready for instruction and head to their period 1 classroom.

As in previous years, elementary students will line up in their classes outside their entry doors where teachers will greet them, at 8:35am. Classes begin at 8:40.

Kindergarten to Grade 3 students use the North door (by the playground).
Grade 4-6 & Junior High use the South door (on the tarmac at the back of the school).

Class Lists
Class lists are posted to school zone. Please double check that you can access SchoolZone. If you cannot, contact the school office for assistance.

First Two Days of School
All teachers will be outside on the first day of classes to guide students to their correct classroom. We have a number of new MCS students this year.

End of Day
After the final dismissal bell rings at 3:29 pm or 2:08 pm on Thursdays, please feel free to enter the school. For security reasons, we ask that all parents and guests enter the building through the front entrance — please do not knock on the North or South doors to ask a student to let you in. Students are instructed to not let anyone into the building if they are knocking on the door.

Early Departures
Also, for security reasons, if you are picking up your child/children early, please call the school office and we will arrange for your child to be at the office ready for pickup. For all students K-9, the following protocol is in place for early pick up.

  1. Parents, please call the school office to let us know you are here. We will not release a student until we are certain you are here.
  2.  All students need to sign out at the front office to be signed out of the school. This ensures accurate student count for emergency responders should it be required.

If your child will be absent for part or a whole day, please either send an email to or call the school office at (780) 483-6476 and include your name, your child’s full name, the reason for your absence and the duration of the absence.

Lunchroom Supervisor
If you are interested, please contact the school office and we will provide the information you will need to apply.

If you have any questions, please call the office at (780) 483-6476 or email us at


Rachel McOuat, Principal
Meadowlark Christian School

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind; and love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27